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Who Designs Furniture?

who designs furniture

Furniture designers are professionals who create designs for different types of furniture. They can work independently and set up their own design studio or be employed by furniture manufacturing companies to develop collections of pieces. They can also be subcontracted by architects and interior designers to help bring their design concepts to life.

A good piece of furniture must serve a few purposes. It must be functional, practical, comfortable and attractive. It must also be able to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with being used on a daily basis by people who live, work or play in it. That’s why it’s important to find the right balance when designing furniture.

Finding your voice as a designer is something that takes time. It’s all about discovering what resonates with you and how you choose to interpret this in your design process, fabrication, forms, colours and textures. The subtle difference in a spade foot or slipper foot, the slight variance in colour between traditional Dusty Rose and trendy Millennial Pink or the texture of aniline or nubuck leather are all things that can make your furniture unique and distinguish you from the competition.

Throughout the history of furniture, it’s been common for designers to experiment with new materials to push boundaries and pioneer creations that are ahead of their time. This has created iconic styles that still look fresh and modern today.

In a world where Covid lockdowns and Brexit uncertainty are causing everyone to reassess their homes and how they use them, there is once again an interest in how furniture can be designed to better serve our lifestyles. This is being fueled by the excitement of new modern manufacturing processes, sustainable materials and an exploration of how form can influence function.

The question of who designs furniture will continue to be a popular topic of conversation for years to come. From the iconic furniture created by Marcel Breuer and Charles and Ray Eames, to the latest innovative furniture designs by emerging young designers, there is something for everyone in this exciting creative industry. With new trends being born on a daily basis, the future is looking bright for furniture designers!