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A Floor Lamp and Shelf Can Add a Pop of Color and Functional Storage to Any Room

floor lamp and shelf

A floor lamp and shelf can add a pop of color and functional storage to any room. The shelves provide space to store items like plants, trinkets and other decorative objects. The lamp base also doubles as a light source to illuminate the area around it. Many floor lamps are available in a variety of finish options to match any style or decor.

A traditional standing lamp will feature a tall standing lamp base with a lamp shade at the top. The lamp shade may be a drum or barrel shape that is slightly narrower at the top than it is at the bottom. This design tends to shine the most light downward and less toward the sides. The lamp shade can be constructed from a variety of materials. Some of the more common materials include metal, glass and wood.

Often, a traditional standing lamp will be crafted from metal with a brass or wrought iron finish. More creative designs use other metals that may be hammered, antiqued or brushed to offer an alternative look. Wood is another common material used in the construction of floor lamp bases. These wood floors can be finished in a variety of colors to complement any room decor.

Tiffany floor lamps typically feature a stained glass lamp shade in an attractive design. The design can range from classic dragonflies and flowers to more modern geometric patterns. These types of floor lamps are often quite expensive but can become family heirlooms.

More affordable options for a floor lamp and shelf include those with an acrylic base that is available in multiple finish colors. These types of lamps have a sturdy construction that makes them durable. They are typically easy to clean and maintain.

The shelves on a floor lamp and shelf can be made from different materials including plastic and metal. Some of these shelving surfaces are lined with fabric that can be easily cleaned and maintained as well. Others are made from wood that offers a natural, warm appearance to a room. These wooden shelves are often crafted from oak or mahogany for a rich, natural look.

Other shelves are crafted from metal and offered in a variety of finish colors as well. These types of shelves are sturdy and offer a contemporary look to any room decor. The shelves can be adorned with fabric or leather for an even more unique appearance. There are also a number of storage cabinets that incorporate a combination of shelves and drawers for an elegant touch to any living room or bedroom. These cabinets can be used to hold books, magazines, electronic devices and other items that are not frequently used. They can be locked for security or left unlocked to give a room a sleek, stylish look. These cabinets can be a nice accent piece in any room or they can serve as a full-fledged storage solution for a home. They can also be a great way to keep important items out of sight but still within reach.